Sommets Charlevoix


Private Event

Come celebrate the important events of your life!

Les Sommets Charlevoix offer the possibility of organizing private party in a bucolic landscape and in complete privacy! Whether for family celebrations or with friends, you will be welcomed by a professional team who will ensure that your stay is unforgettable.

Birthday, baby showers, bachelorette parties, bachelor party, reunion, retirement, Christmas parties, all these important events, you can celebrate in one of our 40 cottages.

Treat yourself to first-class accommodation that combines luxury, space, common areas, game rooms and all the amenities: well-equipped kitchen, appliances and all the extras you need. Contemporary country decor and spacious rooms lend themselves to family life and meetings with friends who want comfort and conviviality. You can receive your guests at home by cooking on site or opt for the services of a caterer or a "chef at the cottage". Our team can advise you to plan those evenings to make it a memorable event.

Les Sommets Charlevoix combine intimacy and tranquility with the effervescence and convenience of Baie-Saint-Paul, which is located only minutes away. We can also organize your trips when you want to go there for a show or a simple trip on the street Saint-Jean-Baptiste.