Sommets Charlevoix

Activity passports


Make the most of your stay in Charlevoix with the Passport Gourmand and the Passport Bonheur!


During your stay at the Sommets Charlevoix, you'll receive the Passport Gourmand, which offers a multitude of discounts to satisfy your appetite! Do you prefer to eat at the cottage? Enjoy 25% off with Al Dente catering and delicatessen, where you can pick up fresh pasta, homemade sauce, take-away meals and the famous chocolate, raspberries and blueberries pies! Check out the Gourmet Passport to learn more about our regional gastronomic offerings.


The Passport Bonheur provides guaranteed pleasure! Whether you are on an adventure for kayaking on the Rivière du Gouffre with Kabatik or going on a family trip to see the whales aboard an AML cruise, take advantage of our Passport Bonheur discounts to offer you the best of Charlevoix. Check out the Passport Bonheur and go on an adventure!


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